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Avital Cohen

Avital Cohen is a fitness model and social media star hailing from Israel. She’s become one of the fastest growing female fitness stars on the internet, thanks to her awesome workout pictures and videos.
Before reaching fame, Avital was someone who enjoyed leading an active and healthy lifestyle. When she turned 18, Avital took the opportunity to enroll in the Israeli Army where she served in the air force.
After her service was over, Avital decided to return to her ‘roots’ – focusing on physical exercise and a healthy lifestyle. This time, however, she shared her journey with the online world, posting pictures and videos of her lifestyle.
This was a decision Avital has never looked back from. Throughout the years, she’s grown into a social media icon and fitness celebrity with fans from all around the globe.



Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5’6″; 168 cm
Weight: 137 lbs; 62 kg
Date of Birth: September 3, 1995
Nationality: Israel
Instagram: @avital

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