Juana Burga

Juana Burga


Juana Burga Cervera is a Peruvian model, actress and activist. She is the only Peruvian fashion model to walk in New York, London, Milan and Paris Fashion Week and was recognized as the most successful Peruvian model of all time by Cosas Magazine Peru, and in March 2017 Ellos & Ellas Magazine recognized her as one of the most powerful Peruvian woman.
Throughout her career, Burga has appeared in many noticeable editorials including Vogue Paris, Peru Issue by Mario Testino and Emmanuel Alt, Vogue Arabia by Nicholas Moore and Paul Cavaco, Vogue Portugal, Vogue Mexico, V Magazine Spain, Russh Magazine. She has also been featured on the covers of L’Officiel, Grazia, Caras, Lima, Cosas, Ellos & Ellas.
In addition to her work in modeling and acting, Burga is an Ambassador in Peru working to protect the artisans who produce sustainable fibers who then export the material worldwide. In her eyes, “the engine of sustainable fashion in Peru”. For the past three years, Juana has been documenting the Peruvian Artisans, and in November 2017 will launch an exhibition on the artisans in Lima, Peru. Juana is also a supporter of Parley’s for the Oceans organization, and just back from the Maldives trip. She was part of Parley’s Ocean School with Chris Hemsworth, Diego Luna,MIA, etc. in pursuit to learn the problems and find solutions to Plastic Pollution in the Oceans This experience brought her to connect with the oceans and help where it’s mostneeded. Burga currently resides in New York City, and frequently travels to Peru.



Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Date of Birth: August 19, 1991
Nationality: Peruvian
Instagram: @juanaburga