Juliet Doherty

Juliet Doherty


Juliet Doherty is a dancing icon born in America. She was born and raised in Untied States and got fame for being a neat dancer and fine actress, made her a sensational star in the eyes of her fans. She also carries a four generation long tradition of dancing by her great grandparents. Juliet first appeared in a 2010 episode in Plain Sight starring Mary McCormack.
She was born and raised in New Mexico in United States on 10th July, 1997. Her mother’s name is Krista King-Doherty. Juliet has two sibling sisters viz. Keely and Kyra. She likes to keep her personal profile hidden and away from media and public. Doherty is the 4th generation dancer from her maternal side. In 1945, great grandparents of Juliet founded their family dance school. After her great grandparents, Krista took over the reins and taught her various dancing forms and carved a master piece to Juliet is. As Doherty is very protective about her personal information and likes it in dark, as we aren’t able to procure much details. However we will update here as soon as we can.
Juliet has a brief career. She took two gold medals at the Youth America Grand Prix International Finals 2012 and Youth America Grand Prix International Finals 2014. She portrayed the Ordine Gigot’s role in Broadway Musical Little Dancer. Doherty has also been casted in the film On Pointe. She was appeared in an episode of In Plain Sight which starred Mary McCormack. Her first appearance on the screen was at the age of 6 when she portrayed as Molly in production of Annie. In the recent years, Juliet has been casted in several films which already premiered or are upcoming in the coming months. In 2018 she was in the films High Strung Free Dance and in Driven to Drive.
Both films drove sales as audience liked her acting. Doherty was casted in the film Strange Girl in a Strange Land released in 2019. After this she has turned to be a star in her fans’ eyes. Audience likes acting very much and specially her sweet and innocent face. Along with this she is also an International Guest Artist. In An American in Paris, a regional production by Tony award winning musical Julian was starred as Lise. Her performance was, as usual, spectacular.



Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height:5’4″; 162 cm
Weight: 114 lbs; 52 cm
Waist: 23 in; 58 cm
Hips: 33 in; 84 cm
Date of Birth: June 10, 1997
Nationality: American
Instagram: @julietdoherty