Nazanin Mandi

Nazanin Mandi


Women like Nazanin Mandi are hell bent on breaking stereotypes and how! Generally dismissed by people as just another pretty face in the sea of beautiful people, this California native stands out by virtue of her talent and determination. Singer, dancer, model and actor, Nazanin is juggling her multi-faceted persona with so much control that it’s seriously enviable. Unlike other child talents, whose enthusiasm and talent fizzle out by the time they reach adulthood, Nazanin has maintained the same level of passion and dedication that she had when she was a kid. Her dedication and commitment is also apparent in her personal life where she has successfully maintained her relationship with singer, Miguel, for over a decade. It is her romantic relationship that brought her within the radar of social media stalkers and her famous status shot up from there. This raven haired beauty has maintained a healthy mystique around her and has been super-successful in keeping the curiosity of the social media bandwagon burning.



Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Brown
Height: 5’4″; 163 cm
Weight: 125 lbs; 57 kg
Bust: 32 in; 81 cm
Waist: 24 in; 61 cm
Hips: 36 in; 91 cm
Date of Birth: September 11, 1986
Nationality: American
Instagram: @nazaninmandi