Nikita Kahn

Nikita Kahn


Nikita Kahn is an American actress, model, businesswoman and animal rights activist. She is best recognized as the longtime girlfriend of Oracle CEO and one of the wealthiest people in the world, Larry Ellison. Born as Iryna Osipova in the Soviet Union, Kahn eventually moved to US, where she now lives. A well-educated and successful professional, she is also an interior designer with a keen artistic sense. She is also a passionate animal rights advocate and has been associated with the California Wildlife Center, frequently contributing to fundraisers for rescuing, protecting and rehabilitating injured, sick, or orphaned animals. Also a trained ballet dancer and gymnast, Kahn is undoubtedly a multi-talented woman! She is involved in a number of different fields and is always on the lookout to explore newer options. Her ultimate goal is to create a life full of meaning, beauty, and connections. On a personal note, Kahn is a very devoted girlfriend and shares a deep and meaningful relationship with Ellison.



Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Light Brown
Height: 5’6″; 168 cm
Weight: 121 lbs; 55 kg
Bust: 34 in; 86 cm
Waist: 26 in; 66 cm
Hips: 34 in; 86 cm
Date of Birth: 1991
Nationality: American
Twitter: @NikitaKahn