P A N I (like Bonnie)

P A N I (like Bonnie)


Mrs. Goodlife Pani is best known as a Instagram Star. Instagram star and model who is best known for being both a beauty and fashion influencer. She also works as a makeup artist and shares photos both of her own makeup and her clients with her over 270,000 Instagram followers. She has also served as a social media marketing manager for several German companies. She was born on July 29, 1992 in Tehran, Iran. Julia Mellor, TheBeauty2go, and Marianna Hewitt are other German social media stars who use their rankings to promote a variety of beauty related content and products. She previously worked as an industrial management assistant at Adidas group as well as a make up artist for Tom Ford.
In addition to sharing her own work, she also uses her Instagram to promote other beauty products and companies including Loving Tan, Body Blendz, and Natural Mojo.



Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Nationality: American
Instagram: @pani