Taylor Spadaccino

Taylor Spadaccino


Taylor Spadaccino is an American fitness model, bikini & figure competitor, and Marine Corps veteran. With her remarkable figure and work ethic, she’s set an example for an army of fans who follow her online.
Growing up as a slim child, Taylor set out on her fitness journey during her deployment in Afghanistan. She said; “Aside from work, there is not much out there to do. I figured I’d start going to the gym, why not? I had no idea what I was doing and I was a little weakling. I couldn’t even do a pull-up.”
Taylor began to learn from two of her friends who were in the U.S. Marine Corps and had experience in lifting weights. She loved the way she felt and soon began to see changes in her body. Upon returning from her deployment, Taylor began pursuing fitness full-time. She hasn’t looked back since.
Taylor has gone on to become a fitness icon and competitive athlete; winning contests such as 2015 NPC Greater NY and 2016 NPC Junior Nationals. With the latter victory, Taylor also won her Pro Card and entered the elite IFBB league in the process.
Originally from the United States of America, Taylor Spaddacino is a fitness model and IFBB Pro Figure & Bikini Competitor.
From an early age, Taylor showed affection and love for her country. This eventually led her to join the U.S. Marine Corps.
She wasn’t interested in fitness until she served in Afghanistan and discovered that weightlifting made her feel alive and strong.
Day after day, she’d train hard, all while serving in a war-torn and hostile country. Taylor recalls she couldn’t do one pull-up when she started training.
However, it didn’t take her long to improve this – quickly gaining strength and muscle tone. Exercise soon became something Taylor couldn’t live without.



Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5’8″; 173 cm
Date of Birth: 1994
Nationality: American
Instagram: @taylor_spadaccino